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Recently, we have encountered a significant issue with our boats being removed from service by Transport Canada. This unfortunate situation arose due to known misinformation provided by Michael Karpishka, who is a co-owner of Tiki Tours International and Palapa Tours. Our company has been embroiled in a legal with Tiki Tours International since 2022, as they falsely claimed co-ownership of our two vessels on Transport Canada documentation, (please see “Backgroud” below). Despite having paid for the boats in full, they refused to remove themselves from title and continued to claim ownership.


Although an injunction was granted in our favour in October 2022, as evidenced in the document below, Mr. Karpishka disregarded the judge's findings and proceeded to remove our vessels from registration with Transport Canada. By failing to fulfill his obligatory duties as the Authorized Representative with Transport Canada and knowingly allowing us to operate after removing the boats from service, Mr. Karpishka put our guests in serious danger without informing us or our legal representatives of his unilateral decision.


This situation has caused a great deal of inconvenience and frustration for our guests and our company, as we have once again been unable to operate our boats for a period of time. However, we are currently taking the necessary legal steps to rectify this matter and reverse the decision to remove our boats from service. We remain committed to providing our customers with the highest level of service and ensuring that our boats are safe and fully operational.



In March 2021, we were in the process of working in  an agreement with Michael Karpishka and Gabriela Hernandez Saucedo of Tiki Tours International and Palapa Tours International Corp. to purchase two boats for a business venture in Wasaga Beach. Promises of a completed business model and timely delivery were unfulfilled. Despite our financial commitments, lack of a contract and changing terms caused strains in the relationship. Issues with boat delivery, incomplete agreements, and unexpected costs were among the challenges faced. Subsequent attempts to dissolve the business relationship were met with defamatory actions, including false accusations, harassment, and legal threats. Efforts to seek resolution through legal means have been ongoing, including a defamation lawsuit and an unsuccessful attempt by the other party to remove our boats from the water through an emergency “Injunction” hearing. The Judge ruled in our favour, please see the document below. Despite our efforts to address disputes and seek a resolution through proper legal channels, defamatory statements persist, prompting us to share our side of the story as a last resort to provide context and clarity.

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