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Pre-Order Food

Please stay tuned for our updated 2024 Menu!

Bar Menu

Holland Marsh Wines

Pino Grigio    9.00/40.00

Vidal                9.00/40.00

Rose                9.75/43.25

Gamay Noir  9.00/40.00

Thornbury Ciders 8.25


Tragically Hip 




Wasaga Beach 1            7.00

Blue Mountain Lager   7.50

Ladder Run Amber       7.50

Pick Up Pilsner               7.50

Rad Pale Ale                    7.50


Ginger Me Gin                            6.75

1 oz Gin with Ginger Flavored Water

Java Wanna Cruise

with a Vanilla Whisky                6.75

1 oz Vanilla Whisky with Coffee Flavoured Water

Rum Me Down with

a Pineapple Sunset                    8.00

oz Rum with Pineapple Mango Perrier

Strawberry Fields with Vodka 8.00

1 oz Vodka with Strawberry Kiwi Perrier


Water Bottle           1.00

Bubly                        2.00

Pop                           2.00

Monster                   6.00

Flavoured Perrier  3.00

Perrier                      2.00

Chips                        1.50

Bring Your Own Cup!

We sell reusable cups starting at $3.00 or we encourage you to think green and bring your own cup!


- We do not permit glass cups on board.

- We will not pour drinks into disposable cups (including disposable coffee cups, water/juice bottles and cans).

- Your cup must be able to hold 12 oz, every drink is portioned as such and it must be easy to pour into.

- Your cup must be empty prior to boarding and must be empty prior to disembarking, no exceptions.

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