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Bring Your Own Cup!
We do not provide disposable cups onboard.

We sell reusable cups starting at $2.50 or we encourage you to bring your own cup!


- We do not permit glass cups on board.

- We will not pour drinks into disposable cups (including disposable coffee cups, water/juice bottles and cans).

- Your cup must be able to hold 12 oz, every drink is portioned as such and it must be easy to pour into.

- Your cup must be empty prior to boarding and must be empty prior to disembarking, no exceptions.

Bar Menu

Holland Marsh Wines


Pino Grigio Vidal, 8.00

Sauvignon Blanc, 11.00

Rosé, 9.00

Lily Sparking Wine 10.50

Lily Sparkling Rosé 10.25

Baco Gamay, 8.00

Cabernet Baco, 11.00



Beach 1 Cerveza, 6.00

Ladder Run Amber Lager, 7.25

Pickup No. 26 Pilsner, 7.25

Thornbury Cranberry Apple Cider, 8.00

Thornbury Premium Apple Cider, 7.75

Thornbury Honey Crisp, 7.75



Ginger Me Gin 5.50

Gin with Ginger Lime Flavoured Water

Java Wanna Cruise With a Maple Whiskey 5.50

Whiskey with Coffee Maple Flavoured Water

Liming In The Raz With A Vodka In My Hand, 5.50

Vodka with Rasberry Lime Flavoured Water

Rum Me Down With A Vanilla Bean Sunset, 5.50

Rum with Vanilla Bean Flavoured Water



Monster, 5.00

Maple Momma Flavoured Water, 1.50

Sparkling Water, 2.00

Bottled Water, 1.00

Pop, 1.50



We are in the process of building our online ordering, please stay tuned!


We have two pontoon boats which will be departing from

72 Main Street,

Wasaga Beach, ON

sailing out from the Nottawasaga River into the Georgian Bay, cruising along Beach 1 where you will be the envy of the thousands of people watching ashore. Each boat has a capacity of 12 guests and is staffed by 1 Captain and 1 Bartender.

Shaka Wasaga is the best way to celebrate...
Bachlorette wix_edited.jpg


Single Seat


$80 + HST Monday to Thursdays*

$90 + HST Friday to Sundays, holidays and long weekends

*excluding holidays and long weekends

Private Cruise


$800 + HST Monday to Thursdays*

$900 + HST Friday to Sundays, holidays, and long weekends

*excluding holidays and long weekends



Please contact us for more information

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