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Bar Menu

Beers/ Ciders    


Beach 1 Cerveza (473 mL)           7

Blue Mountain Lager (473 mL)  7.5

Heineken (330 mL)                        7.5 

Tragically Hip Cider (473 mL)     8.25

Holland March Wines
Pinot Grigio                                    8/38  
Rosé                                                  8/38
Gamay Noir                                     8/38

                                            *6 oz glass


Cocktails* 8 / Mocktails 5

A Crisp Cruise

The perfect drink to enjoy on a warm summer day. Made with gin and cucumber, it’s light and refreshing with a slightly sweet finish.


Almost A Whiskey Sour

A classic whiskey sour with a twist. Made with vanilla whiskey, almond, lemon, and sugar cane, this drink is sweet, tart, and refreshing.



Espress your love for coconut by indulging it in a decadent blend of vanilla whiskey and cold brew espresso.


June Flowers

Juniper with elderflower and lime: A refreshing and floral gin cocktail, perfect for a summer evening.


Mai The Tides

A refreshing mix of spiced rum, pineapple juice, with a hint of almond.


The Doctor’s Orders

Yes we put the lime in the coconut, mixed them both together… and added vodka.


The Wasaga 50

Our shandy commemorates Wasaga Beach’s golden birthday with Wasaga Beach 1 Cerveza, tequila and pineapple juice. Happy Birthday Wasaga Beach!



Well, it’s really just a margarita with Wasaga in the name. Tequila, lime and sugar cane.

 *  all cocktails contain 1 oz alcohol

Souvenir Cups                                 

Patio Wine Cups                             3 

Colour Changing Cups                5.5

Insulated Wine Tumblers            12    

Snacks / Pop / Juice

Chips                                     1.5

Ginger Ale/ Coke               2

Pineapple Juice                 2       Flat/Sparkling Water        1
Non Alcoholic Beer           4

Bring Your Own Cup!

We sell reusable cups starting at $3.00 or we encourage you to think green and bring your own cup!


- We do not permit glass cups on board.

- We will not pour drinks into disposable cups (including disposable coffee cups, water/juice bottles and cans).

- Your cup must be able to hold 12 oz, every drink is portioned as such and it must be easy to pour into.

- Your cup must be empty prior to boarding and must be empty prior to disembarking, no exceptions.

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