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C'mon Throw A Shaka!

Shaka is more than just a one-word meaning. It embodies a spirit and vibe of friendship and positivity. The origin of Shaka is sometimes disputed. Some say the sign originated from Spanish immigrants who used this gesture to indicate they would like to have a drink with the natives of Hawaii. More commonly believed, the origin stems from a fisherman in Hawaii, Hamana Kalili, (1882-1958). What is known about Hamana is that at some point he lost his middle 3 fingers. How? Well, again it’s an ongoing debate. Some say his fingers were lost in a fishing accident where they were bit off by a shark, others say they were blown off by dynamite he used while fishing and another story, which is what seems to be the most accepted legend, state that he lost his fingers in a sugar mill.

They say after he lost his fingers, he wasn’t able to keep the job at the mill and became a security guard for the train station exporting the sugar. At that time kids use to jump on the train when it was leaving and Hamana would yell and wave at them. The kids then adapted the shaka sign to communicate with each other “all clear” or “go for it”. Regardless of how he lost his fingers, what is agreed upon is that Hamana Kalili was the “mo’i (king) of the festivities”. He was well revered in his community often depicted by waving with his thumb and pinky out.

Shaka is often associated with surfers, skydivers, wakeboarders and more. Today Shaka has evolved into a laid-back culture which embraced by people all over the world!

But how exactly do you throw a shaka you ask?  Here’s the basics...

1) Make a loose fist

2) Point your pinky finger

3) Stick out your thumb

4) Make it your own and don’t forget to Throw A Shaka on your next visit! \,,,/

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